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General information about the Clean Hands Changing Pad

• Dimensions

• Materials

• How to Fold

• Product Care

Changing Pad Questions

• How do I position my child on the changing pad?

• Will the redirection barrier fit around my child?

• Will this changing pad stop my child from rolling?

• My child is claustrophobic at times.  Will this changing pad frighten my child?

• Does this Changing Pad Hold Diaper Supplies?

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Product Warnings

General Information about the Clean Hands Changing Pad:


The Changing Pad is 27” by 26” when laid flat.  The lower portion is 13” wide.  When folded shut, the diaper clutch is 7” by 13” by 3”.


The Clean Hand Changing pad is made from 100% polyester.  The grey fabric on the surface of the changing pad is 100% polyester with a water resistant polyurethane backing (that is not exposed) making messes on it simple to wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe.   The unexposed pillow is made from 100% Polyethylene.  All Materials are new.  The changing pad has been tested through a CPSIA approved third party testing facility to ensure that it meets all government safety requirements and is safe for baby’s at any age.  Please follow the safety cautions below when using this product.  SnoofyBee Products are made in China.

How To Fold:

Start by folding over the side with Velcro showing, then the apposing side.  From there fold down at the top on the fold lines 3 times as shown here.

Product Care:  

Wipe clean with disinfectant wipe.  When needed, hand wash or machine wash on the delicate cycle.  Lay flat or hang to air dry.  Do not iron this product directly. If ironing is needed, use the low setting on the iron and place a thin fabric between the changing pad and the iron.  Do not apply concentrated bleach.  Diluted bleach can be used as a disinfectant.  Inspect product regularly, replace if it is damaged.

Changing Pad Questions:

• How do I position my Child on the Changing Pad:

  To use as a standard changing pad.  Lay it flat and be sure to use the pillow portion for your child’s head and back to rest on.

 To use the redirection barrier.  Position your child’s head to be on the pillow portion of the pad, with their armpits a few inches above the barrier arch.  Lift up the sides and attach the barrier together.  The redirection barrier is most effective when it rests on the child’s lower chest just below the   sternum. Fold over the additional top flap for an extra secure hold.

Will the redirection barrier fit around my child?

The redirection barrier fits around children up to 22 inches wide around the lower chest. This fits most children 2 and 1/2 years and younger.   To see if it will fit your child, measure from the base of the sternum, around their back, and up the other side to their chest again.  If this is 22 inches or less, it will fit your child.

Will This Changing Pad Stop My Child From Rolling?

This changing pad was designed for redirection and to keep the baby’s curious hands away from the mess.  It was not designed to pin the child down to the floor. If used properly however, the redirection barrier can make it much easier to control rolling.  If your child is a roller, consider the following and please use the picture here for guidance:

        • Be ready with all diaper supplies before attaching the sides of the redirection barrier.

        • Change the child from the side allowing for constant face to face interaction

        • Hang engaging toys from the redirection barrier to keep the child’s hands happily occupied.

        • Hold both of the child’s feet in one hand to effectively stop any rolling while changing the diaper with the other hand.

        • Never leave the child unattended.

My Child Doesn’t Like Tight Spaces, Will This Frighten Him or Her?

If the child is looking forward while the barrier is put in place, the redirection barrier will block some of his or her view.  To mitigate this consider the following:

        • Change the child from the side to help them focus their attention on you and their open surroundings.

        • Allow the child to play with toys on the barrier for a few diaper changes while the barrier is laid flat.

        • Attach fun toys then close and open the barrier around your child a few times to show them it is safe and fun before leaving it attached around            them for the duration of a diaper change.

If these steps don’t work for your child it can be simply laid flat and used as a standard changing pad / diaper clutch and toys can still be attached to the loops so they don’t get into the mess when diapering.

How Do I Store Diaper Supplies in This Changing Pad?

The changing pad is designed to hold a few diaper supplies by simply folding them inside as pictured here keeping everything easily accessible to streamline the diapering process.

SnoofyBee Guarantee:

Quality Guarantee:

SnoofyBee products are made to last.  If you encounter any manufacture defects or excessive wear with normal use for up to a year after purchasing. Please email us at info@snoofybee.com with pictures and we will send a replacement.

Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee:

As a small family owned business we are happy when you are happy.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your SnoofyBee product, please contact us at info@snoofybee.com so we can help resolve the issue or help you with a return. In the event that a return is requested, please note the following:

You may ship an item back using any carrier desired, but we recommend you choose a carrier that can provide tracking for you in the event that an item goes missing in transit.

A refund will be issued in full for all returns in the same form as the original payment within 30 days of receiving your returned package.

If you are returning a gift, the original purchaser will be credited

Items ordered from www.snoofybee.co.za cannot be returned to land-based stores that sell SnoofyBee products.

We can only accept returns if the item was directly purchased from www.snoofybee.co.za

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